Parking for staff working on the mountain about 6kms from the village for staff cars. Staff Car Permit Forms are available prior to the season. There are limited spaces for staff so you need to get in early. Some seasonal parking is available off the mountain at Hoys in Harrietville
Staff will be provided with a uniform top which you will be required to wear.  You will be required to provide your own black pants and black closed shoes.  Be sure to also bring suitable warm clothing including jeans, few tops, tee-shirts, tracksuit pants, beanies, scarves, gloves, jackets and shoes for the winter conditions. The walk from your accommodation to the venues is short but can get knee high deep with snow.  Snow boots or gumboots are recommended.  
We strongly advise all staff to be healthy before coming to the mountain. We recommend that all staff have a flu injection before the season. Because Hotham is a tight community the spread of coughs and colds are extremely contagious.  There is a medical center located that can provide some pharmaceuticals, but you may be required to see a doctor at a cost to obtain these items and pay freight to get them up the hill.  Perhaps bring your own antibiotics if you are susceptible to anything more than just a cold.
Latent Investments employees will be eligible for discounts and special pricing in the two venues.  This applies on your days off as well as working days.  This discount is only applicable to Latent Staff only. There are buses that go off the mountain regularly which gives you an opportunity to get supplies.  You could also ring a friend who has a car and get a lift of the hill if you need anything.
It is a condition of your employment that, whilst you are employed with the Company you must not engage directly or indirectly in any business which carries on a similar business to that of the Company, unless prior approval has been given by your Manager. In addition you must not participate in any activity (employment) outside the Company’s hours of work, which, as a result, conflicts in any way with the execution of your duties for which the Company employs you.
Reception for Optus SIM cards is very poor on the mountain and suggest changing to Telstra.  We communicate via facebook for all information and rosters , it is essential you have a good working phone, spare chargers, cords and Telstra sim.
Personal property is your responsibility. The Company does not accept liability for the loss of any personal property left on the Company’s premises. It is therefore important that you keep your personal property in a secure place and arrange your own insurance against loss or damage. You should report any lost or found property to your Manager immediately.  Personal property/equipment is not to be sold during work hours through the use of shops to customers, staff or any other person.
If your family for friends want to send you mail or parcels, please use the following address:
<Your name> and <your contact number>
Mount Hotham Post Office
c/o The General Store
96 Great Alpine Road
Hotham Heights  VIC  3741
In case of emergency you can give your family our office phone number.  Latent Investments Office: (03) 5759 3243.