What to bring

To help you finalise ‘Plan my season’ here is your checklist:

> read your employment book and bring to Mt Hotham

> fill out all relevant information in your book

> sort your transport

> have some spare cash to get you started

> join our FB staff page


> warm clothes eg. jeans, jumpers, beanie, jackets and scarves

> shoes to wear from Lodge to work eg gumboots, snowboots for walking

> work shoes black – we have a staff wardrobes in each venue for your bags and jackets etc.

> work pants – black

> hair cut neat and tidy

> personal items eg. deodorant, shampoo, toothbrush

> spare iphone charges and adapters

> medical – codral, cough medicine, vicks and any special medication

> we recommend getting a flu shot but it is up to you – perhaps it is a good idea if you are susceptible to colds

Please call Simone if you have any questions.

(Picture below)  Hotham Central Building – Hot Doggies and the Supermarket are in this building.

What to bring