Latent Investments Pty Ltd trades as Hotham Central Supermarket and Hot Doggies.


We are seeking talented individuals who want to experience working and living in the snow lifestyle.

Positions are available for Hotham Central Supermarket and Hot Doggies for this Snow Season 2019.

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Staff  Information Letter 2019

Please forward resumes to:  office@latentinvestments.com.au


Latent Investments employ’s the best person for the job based on merit, experience, and personality. We aim to ensure our staff are engaged in what they do and have a passion for the snow and hospitality industry.  Staff can be trained in more than one area.

All applicants will be contacted via email or text after they have applied for a position.  Shortlisted applicants will receive a phone interview/s.  Three or four phone interviews may take place before appointment is given and refrences will be checked, so be sure to include these in your resume.   If you take another job please text ‘OUT’  to 0417 318 888.  Three attempts will be made to contact you – if no contact has been made after these three times then your application will be unsuccessful.


All staff are asked questions prior to employment and are expected to give honest and true answers.