As part of our commitment to support all community members during this challenging time, we’ve now made our Supermarket a safe place to shop.

Hotham Central Supermarket has implement the following guidelines:

A limit to the number of customers in store at any one time
During the season we may need to limit the number of customers shopping in store to help maintain appropriate social distancing.  Customers are to to ensure they carry a mask at all times.

With everyone help we can stay safe. Please ensure:

Sanitise or wash your hands before you come into store
A customer sanitiser station will be located the the entrance of the Supermarket.  Sanitizer and gloves will also be located inside the Venue near high risk areas.

Follow the floor markings throughout the store
When you arrive, you’ll see that there are markers on the floor to help assist with social distancing. These can be found throughout the store as reminders, as well as those locations where you may be required to queue like our fresh service counters and checkouts.

Please assist in packing your own bags at the checkout
At the checkout, we may also ask that you help us by packing your own bags to minimise handling. If you need to purchase a new bag, our team members will be happy to help pack these for you.

Use tap and pay wherever possible
We encourage you to use your card or phone to tap and pay instead of cash, whenever possible. However we still will accept cash.

Cleaning in-store
We have added extra cleaning and sanitisation to our high contact areas of the store, including baskets, hand rails, fridges and checkout areas.

Feeling unwell
If customers are feeling unwell or are showing any systems of COVID-19, we ask that you do not enter the store and get tested.

For the safety of our staff and customers.