Our Service


Less to pack means less to unpack in the snow and carry to your apartment, and more time to relax and enjoy the snow.  

When you shop online with us, we will deliver all your groceries in time for your arrival.  Once on the mountain, you can find us in Hotham Central Building (White Crystal).

If you prefer we can have your grocery items delivered during the day. Refridgerated food we will pack away for you upon permission to enter you apartment.

(During delivery times)

Shopping this way will help save time and money – instead of bringing unnecessary items that you may not use; you can buy them on the mountain.

Hotham Central Supermarket is proud to offer a convenient holiday service for Mountain visitors, providing a large range of fresh and competitively priced groceries and goods.

Towards the end of the season we encourage all on-line ordering enquiries to contact us regarding delivery as we intend to satisfy all ordering enquiries but our stock does become limited and delivery times need to be arranged depending on the snow.

   fun in snow