About Us

Latent Investments Pty Ltd trading as Hotham Central Supermarket is a locally owned business that has been operating at Mt Hotham for more than 15 years.hcs

Throughout those years we have worked on raising the level of customer service and trying to identify what customers want in the aspect of convenience and value for money whilst on a snow holiday or just visiting. It is important to have a great experience.

Brian and Simone Taggart are the operators who's time on the mountain exceeds 30 years altogether.  We all work actively in the business and believe it is good to work day to day with the staff to assist them and help them better themselves.  We have a good reputation, thus getting return staff each year and some returning up to 5 years.

We pride ourselves in our staff and feel they play an important part to our development and future.  We offer all staff training prior to work and other development opportunities.

We constantly work hard at keeping and maintaining a healthly culture within our team and have many family night dinners.  Our staff are made to feel welcome and know from the beginning what our expectations are of them.

We understand Food Safety is shared concern with our customers as well as us. Our staff are trained in all areas of Food Safety, OH&S and other Company Policy to ensure your safety and geniune quality of our products.

Hotham Central Supermarket is enviromentally committed, working with the resort to elimate waste appropriately and recycle.

Latent Investments shares four business's on the mountain.  We are stakeholders on the mountain as well as business owners.

Our other venues:  Hot Doggies, Chill Bar and Cafe and Cafe Niche.

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